Everything You Need to Know About pH Controllers

One of the crucial qualities to monitor in water is the potential of Hydrogen in it. The quality determines whether the water will be acidic or alkaline. For example, water with a pH value between six and one is considered acidic. On the other hand, water with a value between eight and fourteen is alkaline. Also, these conditions determine the suitability of water for farming, cooking, drinking and other uses. You need pH controllers to help you determine if your water has the right balance and restore normalcy. Here is everything you should know about the controllers. 

There are Different Controller Types 

The function of the controller determines the type you should choose from the market. The performance differences and conditions include the number of inputs, feedback loops, accuracy and bandwidth. For example, you might want a controller that updates you hourly in a hydroponic setup because every hour the water stays in dysfunction means possible death of the plants in the solution. However, you can choose equipment that tests pH every three days or weekly in a swimming pool. Other features include alarms and sensors that will alert you immediately the pH balance goes out of whack. 

You Can Choose From Several Types of Displays

There are several types of displays to choose from. The analogue display is an excellent start if you are getting used to technology in your applications. On the other hand, digital readouts display numbers instead of a needle pointer. The third and most sophisticated option is the video display terminals. These include devices that can interface with your personal computer and bring you real-time changes as they occur. Some controllers have an integrated chart recorder into their system. You can weigh the pros and cons of each before choosing. 

Different Systems Have Different Control Techniques

The goal of having a pH control system is to tell when the conditions are changing and rectify them in time. You get a variety of control options. Set point control systems alert you when the conditions reach a specific state. The linear control will alert you every time the pH changes by a unit. The most advanced ones have non-linear control, which helps you specify the conditions under which the system works.

These are crucial things to know about pH control systems before making a purchase. Consult a supplier about the pH controllers they have and get the ideal one for your needs. 

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