Why Use a Tube and Coupler Scaffold?

While some jobs work best with a prefabricated scaffold, a tube and coupler solution sometimes works better. How does this kind of scaffolding work, and what are the advantages of using it?

What Is Tube and Coupler Scaffolding?

Prefabricated scaffolds come ready-made. They have a set height, width and design. Tube and coupler scaffolding works differently.

These scaffolds are modular. They come in individual parts that you connect together to build the structure on site. You can use couplers to connect the tubes to create the scaffold's skeleton. You then add ladders, platforms and any other components that you might find useful.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tube and Coupler Scaffolds?

While it might seem easier to use a prefabricated scaffold, these structures don't suit every job. They typically work best if you have a good fit. If the scaffold is the right size for the job you need to do, then it will work well.

However, these scaffolds don't work as effectively if you have unusual requirements. For example, if you're painting external walls on a tall and wide house, then you might struggle to find a single prefabricated structure that will fit the dimensions of the wall and give you safe access to all of it.

You might have to buy or hire multiple scaffolds. This increases your costs. Or, you might have to do the job in stages and move the scaffolding along the wall as you work. This increases your workload and the time it takes to complete the project.

You might also run into problems getting the scaffold on some sites. If you don't have enough access to take the structure, then you can't put it where it needs to go.

Tube and coupling scaffolding is an easier solution here. You build this kind of scaffold to your own design and project needs. You can create a scaffold to your exact configuration, and you aren't limited by the size of a prefabricated product.

It's also a lot easier to get tube and coupling scaffolding on any site because you don't have to move a large structure in and out. You simply carry in the tubes and couplings and lay them out to build the structure. At the end of the job, you have a quick and easy disassembly process.

To find out more about tube and coupling options and their benefits, contact scaffolding services companies.

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