How Much Space Do You Need For A Car Lift?

Car lifts are an increasingly popular addition to many apartment complexes across Australian cities for one simple reason: convenience. From quickly getting your expensive cars out of the rain, hail and searing heat to the ability to store multiple cars in a small space, everything about a car lift screams convenience. The only question most people have is about how much room is needed to fit a car lift into their garage or parking lot. The answer to that is relatively simple: as much or as little space as you can afford.

Car Lifts

Car lifts are virtually always built upon request and, therefore, can be built to any specification you want. For an apartment building, most car lifts can fit moderate family vehicles but nothing larger because there is simply no need. However, if you need a car lift for more industrial vehicles at work, then you can easily choose the dimensions you need for your car lift. For high-end dealers and owners, car lifts can also be installed in private residences, and these are also custom-made in every respect. If you want a car lift, someone will be able to make it for you to fit your space.

Why Bother?

Car lifts can be seen as an expensive way to transport or store vehicles, but in actuality, they can be a great way to save money, particularly in apartment complexes. Consider just how much space is used up in your car park with the connecting levels and places where you cannot park. A car lift eliminates the needs for these in-between areas, allowing you to maximise the amount of space you have for car parks. Then, when you want to take your car out, you simply drive it to the nearest lift. While a car lift might cost tens of thousands of dollars, the amount in free real estate saved can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

How Long Does It Take To Operate?

Car lifts are very quick, comparable to traditional elevators you might use at your local shops. They have easy access controls so that you can choose which level you need to go to, and many people end up ordering two car lifts anyway just so there is more space to get in and out during busy times. Generally, a car lift is a quicker and more secure way to verify the residents coming in and out of your apartment or building than a boom gate is.   

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