Five Benefits of Scissor Lifts That Business Can Enjoy

Scissor lifts are incredibly versatile pieces of industrial equipment that can put to use anywhere from farms to warehouses. They operate on a very simple design that uses rotary force to move two supporting arms closer to one another over a pivot point, hence the name. As their arms get closer to one another so they push ever more vertically, thereby raising a platform. What are the main advantages of scissor lift hire for modern Australian businesses?

1. Reach Heights Easily

With scissor lifts, it is possible to reach heights without needing to go up and down ladders. This makes it much easier to do jobs like picking goods or carrying tools to perform a task once the platform is at the desired height. By using a scissor lift hire company, businesses can help to reduce tiredness among workers who might be required to work at height. In turn, this helps to keep them safe, of course.

2. Strain Reduction

By using a scissor lift to complete a particular job, less strain will be placed on workers. Going up and down a set of step ladders repeatedly tends to cause strain on the calves and ankles. Equally, strains are avoided by being positioned to the exact working height needed for the job. This means they will help to boost productivity in the long term.

3. Keep Loads Flat

If you need to raise something that has to sit flat while it is in transit, then scissor lift hire is the best option. Renting this sort of lifting equipment is ideal for delicate items, such as glass panes or liquid loads where tipping them would be problematic. This is because part of the inherent design of a scissor lift means that the platform will always remain horizontal.

4. Flexibility

There are many different types of scissor lift around. Some are specifically designed for the aisle widths you find in modern warehouses, for example. Others are designed for outdoor use, perhaps in an orchard to pick fruit, and these can cope with uneven ground. That's why scissor lift hire companies tend to have lots of different models you can choose from.

5. Easy to Transport

Unlike other types of lifting equipment, scissor lifts fold up onto themselves to take up virtually no room at all. That makes them ideal for storing or for transporting. Most scissor lift hire services can get one to you rapidly because no special transportation is needed to deliver them, unlike many cranes, for example.

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