5 Best Practices to Care for Your Height Safety Equipment

There are different types of height safety equipment available in physical or online stores today. These products are crucial lifesavers, especially for workers in construction or industrial sites. As an employer, it's vital to observe the highest care and maintenance standards while handling your height safety products. 

For your height safety equipment to remain in proper working condition, consider the following essential care practices.

Avoid Chemical Hazards 

During storage, its crucial to keep your height safety products, such as safety harnesses, away from chemical hazards. These hazards may include the presence of solvents or petroleum products that may come in contact with your equipment. Any chemical contact can lead to corrosion and damage, which reduces the lifespan and proper functioning of your height safety equipment. Furthermore, it exposes your employees to accident risks that can lead to legal lawsuits.

Keep All Equipment Dry Before Storage

Proper drying of your height safety equipment is crucial before storing them. Drying helps prevent metallic surfaces from rusting and weakening the material. Furthermore, ensure that the storage location is free from moisture and wet conditions. Remember, always allow your equipment to dry naturally without using artificial drying methods that weaken the materials. Ensure to check the equipment's instructional manual for the permitted cleaning and drying techniques. 

Use a pH-Balanced Detergent

Depending on your equipment manufacturer, it's recommended that you use a pH-balanced detergent rather than bleach- or chlorine-based liquids. Harsh abrasives and other non-pH-balanced detergents may damage your equipment's fabric. Furthermore, most manufacturers provide a list of detergents you must use, so consider reading their safety manual. 

Store Metallic Parts Separately 

Metallic parts, especially the lifting chain equipment, can potentially rub against each other, and it's recommended to store them separately. This way, you'll minimize damages that compromise on equipment's performance and safety. Besides, do not to forget to pay extra attention to subtle details that are easily overlooked. 

Any Repairs Should Be Done by the Manufacturer

Any required repairs that are needed, however small, should see the equipment returned to the height safety equipment manufacturer. Attempting a quick fix alone is unwise as you may end up doing it incorrectly as well as endangering your worker's life. Your equipment manufacturer uses highly tested materials and methods to design or repair your height safety equipment. 


Making sure that your height safety equipment is safe and well-maintained shouldn't be taken lightly. It determines your worker's safety and prevents unnecessary accidents on site. Follow these five simple practices to ensure your height safety equipment remains safe and in good working condition.

For more information, contact a height safety product retailer.

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