Industrial Brooms: 3 Crucial Tips for Prolonging the Service Life

Quality brooms are essential for keeping commercial and industrial spaces clean. These simple janitorial tools are indispensable for efficient sanitation because they are easy to use and handle. Also, they do not require power for operation. In addition, they are expedient because they do not cause disturbance during use. Simply speaking, brooms can be conveniently used during work hours. If you are planning on adding a couple of brooms to your janitorial collection, you should consider these simple tips to ensure that the tool provides prolonged service.

1. Choose a Suitable Broom

If you would like to promote the durability of your industrial brooms, you must choose the most appropriate product for your application. Often, brooms wear out prematurely because they are not suitable for the specific tasks. Under normal circumstances, you should take into account the type of surface that you would like to sweep. If a lightweight broom is used on a coarse or rough floor, it is likely to wear out fast.

Therefore, you should make certain that your chosen broom will not be damaged unnecessarily by the flooring. You should also consider whether the product will be used in wet or dry applications. Some natural fibre brooms will not do well with prolonged contact with water. So, you might need to look for alternatives with synthetic fibre if your workplace is wet. Plastic products will withstand moisture better.

2. Clean the Broom

You should keep your industrial broom clean. In simple terms, if the broom fibres are left dirty after use, they are likely to begin deteriorating prematurely. For instance, if you have purchased a bitumen broom, you will need to clean off tar residues as necessary. If the dirt is left on the bristles, they will become hardened, and it will be difficult to use the damaged broom. In the same way, you cannot leave your natural fibre broom covered in grime. Some debris in the workplace might be covered in harmful liquids. Therefore, the fibres will deteriorate if you do not wash it after use.

3. Store the Broom Properly

One of the common causes of premature broom damage is poor storage. Simply speaking, when the broom is placed in an inappropriate position, the bristles will lose their shape. The deformed brush will not be effective in cleaning tasks, and you will probably need to replace it. You can avoid the expense and inconvenience by placing your broom in an upside-down position. Alternatively, hang it from your wall to maintain its shape. 

For more information on finding a millet broom, contact your local retailer. 

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