Lawn Mowing Equipment Every Gardener Should Own

A majority of homeowners who own a lawn want it looking even and lush at all times. For lawns to stay pristine and appealing, they need to be given the right maintenance with the proper tools and equipment. For a number of individuals, the only type of lawn mowing equipment they believe a yard needs is a mower. In reality, there are a host of other pieces of equipment that you need to make lawn maintenance convenient. So whether you are an amateur or professional gardener, here are a few of the different types of lawn mowing equipment that you should own for a verdant and levelled yard.

A Drop Spreader

One essential type of lawn mowing equipment that you should have if you are intent on planting a healthy yard is a drop spreader. This tool is highly versatile, as it can be used for both the application of fertiliser on your garden and the sowing of seeds. All you need to do is put your fertiliser or seeds into the hopper and roll the spreader over the patch of lawn that you are looking to cultivate or fertilise. Drop spreaders come in various sizes, so pick one depending on your immediate needs. For instance, amateur gardeners will do well with the smaller options since they are only working on their own lawn. Alternatively, a professional gardener should have multiple types of drop spreaders to suit different gardens.

A String Trimmer

While a mower's main function is to trim the grass in your lawn, there are some harder to reach areas that the mower will be unable to access. Rather than having to get down on all fours and trim these spaces manually, you should consider investing in a string trimmer. This type of equipment is capable of reaching areas such as the corners of walls, fences and so on. The reason why it is referred to as a string trimmer is that it has a nylon string attached on one end. This nylon string will cut the grass blades by rotating at high speeds.

 A Leaf Blower

Although some people may use a rake to clear leaves and cut grass after mowing their lawn, this technique can be extremely tedious. And if you plan to mow several lawns, then employing a rake can significantly decrease your productivity. A more convenient way of getting rid of this organic debris is by using a leaf blower. Another advantage of leaf blowers is that they are multifunctional and can be employed for additional applications such as cleaning walkways, patios and more.

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