Two essential types of equipment to keep in your industrial building when you're renovating it

If you are planning to have a section of your industrial building renovated and will be keeping your operations running throughout the renovation process, there are two types of equipment you will need to have in the building during this period of time.

Portable toilets

If the bathrooms in your industrial building will be undergoing renovation, or if the entryway to the bathrooms will be obstructed by the renovation team and their machinery at any point during the renovation process, then you will need to get in touch with one of your local toilet hire companies and rent several portable toilets from them.

This will ensure that your staff members have easy access to a toilet if or when nature calls whilst they are at work.

Make sure to do a headcount before deciding how many toilets to hire. If you don't do this and you then order too few toilets, these facilities will become malodorous and unsanitary very rapidly.

You may also find that the productivity levels in your facility drop, as your employees will have to queue for long periods every time they need to use a toilet.

Additionally, when the portable toilets arrive, set up a cleaning rota immediately; this will ensure that the condition of the toilets does not deteriorate to the point where they become unhygienic and unusable.

Dust barriers

Many of the most common renovation activities produce dust, and unfortunately, the presence of excess dust can be highly problematic in an industrial setting.

If for example, the dust from the renovation area floats into the section of the building where your staff members are working, these individuals may experience respiratory problems as a result of inhaling the airborne dust.

This could be especially dangerous for any employees who have existing respiratory-related health issues, such as asthma, as inhalation of this dust could irritate their lungs and, in doing so, cause an asthma attack.

This dust could also damage your expensive electrical machinery if it lands on it and gets trapped in between the connections and switches. This could affect the machinery's functionality, which could, in turn, affect its ability to process the products that your facility makes.

As such, in addition to renting some portable toilets, you should also invest in several large dust barriers. These barriers should be placed all around the area that is being renovated so that any dust that becomes airborne will not float into the part of the building where your employees and machinery are located.

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