Five Hidden Entrance Ideas for Your Car Lift

An subterranean garage is a great way to add extra storage to your home for vehicles, and it also keeps your vehicles safely out of the way so thieves can't see your vehicles. However, if you want true safety, you probably also want a discreet entryway. To set up your garage so that it's truly hidden, consider one of the following entrance ideas for a car lift:


Blend your car lift into your landscape by covering it with turf. When someone looks at your property, they'll just see an expanse of lawn, but when you drive on the right part of your 'lawn', you can hit a button, and that area lowers into your garage. You don't just have to do turf; you can also put boulders, shrubbery or even trees on this car lift. Note that the more you add to the lift's disguise, the stronger it needs to be.


Staying with the theme of a natural look, consider a waterfall. To explain, imagine you have a decorative waterfall running down a series of rocks. When you push a button, the waterfall stops, revealing an entry behind it. You drive through the entry, and at this point, you are on your car lift, which goes into an underground garage.  

Paving Stones

In some cases, you may want your car lift to blend into your driveway, and this approach works especially well if you have a patio with a lot of paving stones. Imagine a cool design of paving stones throughout your driveway, but in the middle, a selection of stones makes a nice circle. When you drive onto the circle and hit a button, the circle reveals itself as a car lift, and you go down into the garage.


Take a note from timeless hidden entryways and hide the entrance to your car lift behind a bookcase. When people enter your main garage, they will think you are a bibliophile due to the long shelves of books lining one wall of your garage, but what they don't know is that the bookcase swings open to reveal a car lift that goes into an underground garage.

Garage Floor

Sometimes, the best way to hide your car lift is to put it into plain sight. Consider putting in a car lift that matches your garage floor. If a thief ever comes to your home, they won't have any idea that there's a car lift and a selection of nice cars under your garage.

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