Answer These Four Questions to Determine Which Type of Ductless Air Conditioning Is Right for You

Once you've decided to get a ductless air conditioner, you need to decide which model to select. Although ductless units all work relatively the same, with indoor air handling units connected to an outdoor unit, there is a lot of variety available on the market. Here are four things you should consider as you select your ductless air conditioner.

1. Do You Want Heating?

If you like, you can get a ductless unit that just does air conditioning, but you can also get a system that does both heating and cooling. If you opt for heating as well, a heat pump will be connected to your system, and essentially, when it's cold, the system will work in reverse. If you are in an exceptionally cold area, you may need to augment the heat pump with another heating source such as a traditional furnace.

2. How Many Indoor Air Handling Units Do You Need?

The number of indoor air handling units you need varies based on your space. For a small space, you may be fine with a single unit. In other cases, you may need multiple units to cool larger rooms. If you're putting ductless air conditioning in your whole commercial space, you will need multiple indoor air handling units and potentially even more than one outdoor unit.

3. How Do You Want the Indoor Units Mounted?

Indoor units come in a variety of designs, and they also feature a variety of mounting styles. You may want one of the following designs:

  • Wall-mounted, which goes near the top of the wall

  • Ceiling-mounted, which is ideal for large rooms or rooms that don't have high walls

  • Floor-mounted, which actually go on the base of the wall

Even within those categories, you can find a variety of options. For instance, you can choose a ceiling-mounted unit that is flush with the ceiling or one that hangs suspended.

4. Do You Want One or Multiple Zones?

If you only put in a single unit, you only have one zone. Similarly, if you're putting multiple air handling units in a large room, you may want them to be zoned together, but if you're putting a variety of ductless air conditioning units throughout your commercial space, you may need multiple zones. With zoning, you can control each unit separately to get the optimal cooling levels throughout your space, and you won't waste money cooling areas that aren't in use.

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