What You Might Overlook When Shopping for Used Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are often required for shipping any product by boat, and they may also be required by railways, airlines and other such transport companies. Even if they are not required by your transport company, shipping containers can help to protect your product from exposure to inclement weather and to keep it securely locked away while it's in transit. When shopping for a used shipping container, note a few details you might easily overlook so you know you will end up with a container that works for your needs in particular.

Delivery cost

It may be a bit challenging to find a trucking company that will pick up and deliver an actual shipping container to your facility. These containers need to be transported on a flat bed truck, as they're often too big and heavy for any type of trailer or other cargo area. When shopping for a used container, always ask about delivery, or check on delivery options in your area before you decide on buying a container. This will ensure you know how that container will get to your facility, and you can figure in your delivery costs while estimating the costs of buying a container.


If a shipping container was used to transport furs, oils, paints, shellacs or other such items that have a strong odour, note that this odour may have gotten trapped in the container itself! Containers are meant to be very airtight so that they don't let in outside heat and cold or expose products to saltwater spray while on a ship, but this also means that the container can't let out any bad smells either. Always ask about the products that were shipped in a used container so you know if you should inspect it in person and check for potential odours that could be absorbed by your product.

Rusted door hinges

When you inspect a used shipping container, you may know to look for rust and corrosion around the body of the container itself. However, you may forget to check the door hinges, handles, locks and other such hardware. A rusted container door may not open very easily, and it may even get outright stuck. Rust on a door handle or hinges can also spread to other areas of the container, causing even more corrosion. Don't overlook the door hardware when considering a used container to ensure you don't end up with one that gets rusted shut or that needs some repair work just for the door itself to work.

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