3 Ways Welders Can Help You With Your Caravan to Tiny Home Conversion

If you are planning on taking your caravan and turning it into a long-term living tiny home, then there are some conversions you will need to make. You may start with small conversions such as adding more sitting and storage space or removing certain items from the caravan. Eventually, you will want to start adding items that help with your long-term living comfort. Here are three ways that welders can help you with those caravan to tiny home conversions.

Cooking Set-Ups

Though most caravans do have a cooking area, they can be small and may take up more room than you would like. One option is to have a cooking set-up created from wrought iron or cast iron and have it in a slide out area in your caravan. The compartment can slide out offering you a cooking top area and the pieces to your cooking set-up such as a grill stored in the slide out area. This gives you more cooking options, the ability to slide out those options and the ability to save space while maintaining a full cooking option. Welders can weld the compartment, the cooking pieces and even the rolling track for you.

Retractable Awnings

You can purchase a retractable awning, but they are made for short-term use. If you want something more durable that can handle multiple weather conditions, then contact a welder. They can help you create an awning that is retractable and durable and will give you an extra living space. The awnings can be retracted to the side of your caravan to meet driving and road regulations as well. You can even have unique designs and styles created for your awnings when you use a welder rather than a pre-fabricated option.

Shower and Bathroom Upgrades

Long-term caravan living and tiny home conversions mean having a shower and bathroom stall that can be used more frequently than typical caravan usage. This means having a more durable stall for your bathroom routine. Welders can help you create a suitable bathroom stall that will fit the smaller space, house everything you need and have the appropriate slots and cuts for shower heads, toilets and sinks.

These are only three ways that welders can help you with your caravan to tiny home conversion for long-term living. If you are ready to move forward contact companies like Burnback Welding Equip Services. They can give you pricing, ideas, and estimated time for completion of the project.

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