Two steps you should take to keep your commercial dishwasher in good working order

The breakdown of a commercial dishwasher in a busy commercial kitchen could have a serious impact on that kitchen's efficiency levels. As such, it's important to keep this piece of equipment in good working order. Here are two ways that you can do this.

Perform regular salt rinses

If you want to minimise the risk of your commercial dishwasher breaking down, you should use place dishwasher salt in the equipment's dispenser and put it on an empty rinse cycle on a regular basis.

These salt rinses will serve two purposes. Firstly, they will help to prevent limescale from accumulating within the dishwasher's drain pipes; this is important, as a build-up of this substance may eventually block the flow of fluid through these drain pipes and in doing so, prevent the dirty water from being rinsed off your dishes.

Secondly, it will prevent hard water from leaving behind hard-to-remove watermarks on your newly-cleaned dishware, cutlery and glasses. This is an important fact to keep in mind, as watermarks can make dishes, glasses and cutlery appear dirty, even when they are not.

Whilst residential dishwashers usually only need to be rinsed out with salt once every month or two, commercial dishwashers that are used all day, every day need to be rinsed far more frequently. Ideally, you should do a salt rinse at least once every couple of weeks.

Make sure that wine glasses are secured into place

When used wine glasses are being loaded into the dishwasher, they should be secured into the wine glass holders within the dishwasher, rather than simply being left loose on the rack with the rest of the teacups and mugs.

The reason for this is as follows; wine glasses tend to be far more fragile than other types of drink containers and as such, are a lot more likely to shatter if they are not held securely in place whilst the dishwasher is on.

If a loose wine glass in a commercial dishwasher breaks midway through a wash cycle, the glass shards could get trapped in the equipment's drain line. If this happens, the shards could not only prevent the dirty water from flowing away but could also cut the drain line and cause the water inside it to leak out. As such, it is vital to ensure that all wine glasses are loaded into the correct section of the dishwasher and secured into place before the equipment is switched on.

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