3 Options for Mobile Scaffolding in Warehouse Renovation Projects

Taking on a warehouse renovation project means reaching higher locations to renovate windows, ventilation systems, fans, and other systems within the warehouse. This means having the right mobile scaffolding for the scope of the project. If you are facing this type of renovation for your business, or even to convert a warehouse into a full-time living option, then there are some scaffolding options you should consider. Here are three of those mobile scaffolding options and what you need to know about each one.

Power System Mobile Scaffolding

Power system mobile scaffolding units refer to a power box that allows you to move the scaffolding. Though most of these options mean you have the ability to move the scaffolding up and down, there are some that offer the ability to move the scaffolding to the left and right as well. The extensions of the scaffolding will vary depending on the make and model you choose. Keep in mind, most power system mobile scaffolding options will start at 6 feet and move up to 18 feet or higher.

Self-Supported Mobile Scaffolding

Self-supported mobile scaffolding is the most common option available. This scaffolding does not move up or down and has casters that lock in place. You can get the scaffolding in different heights as well as materials. You can also get this type of scaffolding in varied length options with the ability to hold more than one person at a time. Self-supported scaffolding is considered the safest option and is especially easier for beginners to use.

Framed Mobile Scaffolding

If you are worried about the safety of the people using the scaffolding, then you may want to consider a framed mobile option. The framed option refers to the top of the scaffolding, or the platform, being framed to give safety from falling and related accidents. These are generally framed by one to two rails on three sides of the platform with a fourth side working like a gate allowing the people on the scaffolding to enter and exit the scaffolding easily.

If you are ready to use an equipment hire for your mobile scaffolding needs, then you should contact a representative today. They can help with pricing, delivery, and any questions you have about the specific scaffolding you choose. If you choose a computerized option, make sure to have the representative show you how operate the panel before you sign the hire contract.

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