How to Prevent Premature Seal Failure in Your Industrial Hydraulic Press Cylinder

Hydraulic presses are vital pieces of equipment in most industrial facilities. They are used in the manufacture of sheet metal, appliances and car parts, among other applications. This means that they are vital in the production process, and failure can cause severe delays in your facility. One of the components that you have to worry about is the hydraulic cylinder. If some of its parts wear out prematurely, the cylinder's performance will be affected as well. That's why you need to follow these tips to curb cylinder failure and minimize the need for hydraulic cylinder repair.

Choose quality cylinder seals

Hydraulic cylinder seals play a critical role in the overall performance of the equipment. Poor-quality seals that are incorrectly matched to the equipment can wear prematurely due to the physical exertion that the cylinder is subjected to. Seal failure can also cause hydraulic fluid leakage. You can prevent this and possible downtime in your facility by investing in quality seals. These should be made from superior material that can withstand the pressure and friction. Also, the material should not cause excess friction during cylinder operation, as this will lead to premature seal failure. Go for quality polyurethanes or elastomers, and avoid those that are reinforced with fabric, as they tend to generate a lot of friction.

Check the condition of the press

After months or years of use, hydraulic presses are bound to wear out or develop surface imperfections that can affect the performance of the cylinder, so you need to continually check your presses, especially those that have been used for a long period. This will enable you to match your cylinder seals and rods to the press. For example, if you have a worn cylinder with an irregular surface, it would be a good idea to get seals that are made from a soft material such as polyurethane. To prevent friction and ensure that the seals handle the pressure, you need to mix a soft and hard material. Also, if your press is prone to extrusion-type failure, invest in seals that offer high resistance to extrusion failure.

Go for low-maintenance seals

In the past, the only hydraulic seals in the market were those that would require regular maintenance and repairs. These would often cause increased downtime in industrial facilities. However, today there are low-maintenance seals that don't require you to re-adjust the seal set compression or mechanically compress them often. Consider investing in such seals, as they will reduce maintenance costs and save time during production.

Follow these tips to minimize cases of seal failure in your hydraulic press and improve production efficiency in your facility.

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